Over the Rainbow Bridge

We also have a number of dogs we have loved who have passed on across the rainbow bridge. They wait for us to join them.

  • Dacquiri (1978-1993), a German Shepherd, was my wife Susan's companion while she was going through her early adulthood. It was Dacquiri who helped us become a couple and we enjoyed every day with her, even when she was an "Edward".

  • Shadow (1987?-2000), our oldest is a male Golden we rescued in 1988 from the Solano Animal Shelter. He was so near to being put to sleep that they had to go into the back to get his paperwork. He was so happy to leave there he jumped right in the back of the truck and sat down as if to say "Let's get out of here!"

    Maple (1990-1998), a Golden Retriever and our first through the rescue organization, was a perfect joy. He was perpetually happy and always willing to find room for another tennis ball in his mouth.

  • SteffieSteffie (1993-2001) (aka Steffie of Brookdale) is a sweet German Shepherd pure-bred which we got as a puppy in 1993. It would be hard to describe a dog with a better disposition. She is truly my wife's daughter and has been by her side since the day we brought her home.

  • Brandie (1990-2003), the mother of Steffie. Susan took care of Brandie during her younger years as a friend of the family. Shortly after we lost Steffie, Brandie needed a good home and we were fortunate to get the opportunity to see her through her golden years.