As we went to the vet today Susan said to me she was hoping for a little miracle. I told her we already have one, and his name is Madison.

Madison has gone over the Rainbow bridge today. It was - in simplest terms - time for him to go. 15 years is a long time on this earth and his weren't always easy. But he was always happy.

What did I learn from Madison?

- When someone strokes your head and pauses follow their hand with your head.
- Wag your tail when you hear your name or someone looks at you - they will know who to pet.
- When someone sits down jump in their lap - they will be happy to have you after they get their breath back.
- When someone brushes you it means they love you. Don't let them stop - either one.
- Don't eat the stuffing out of your toys. It will go in but won't come out.
- Leave the big dogs alone - play with the little ones.
- A warm bed with a soft blanket requires a good long squirm to make the best dent.
- Enjoy every meal. And order extra cilantro.
- If your hind end looks like Earl Sinclair's wag your tail.
- Stand up straight when confronted, don't let them see how meek you are.
- A ride in the car is the simple joy of life. You go fast without any work at all.
- A really good bark makes your front feet airborne.
- And last but really first - People are wonderful, always greet them like they are the most important thing in the world.

Madison, we will miss you. Tell everyone - Dacquiri, Shadow, Steffie, Maple and Brandie - we love you all.

The first 7 years he had a tough life, purportedly in a pen with dirt floors, and little attention, neither physical nor emotional. When we got him from Norcal Golden Rescue, he had already been through significant medical care and was on the mend. The emotional care was up to us. When we got him he would not look us in the eye - he would always look away. And he was afraid of Steffie, which eventually got better but he never liked larger dogs. He however got the love and attention - all we could provide, and through many trials and tribulations got to today. He was ready to go, and we needed to say goodbye. We love him, and will cherish the last half of his life he gave to us. He created many memories.

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