the Digital age

I was talking to Susan last evening as she dug through numerous photos of our past hunting for a specific one. I mentioned how we need to get a scanner to capture our non-digital photos accumulated over the past 20 years (had 2 so far and they have broken for misc. reasons).

I was thinking how interesting it is that in one generation we as a civilization have gotten a mechanism for the personal artist - the rest of us - to permanently capture and retain without fading,cracking, tearing, or losing the visible portions of our existence on a medium that can last long after that image can ever be recreated. 'Course formats are now the issue - to JPEG or to TIFF, to PNG... well, you get the picture. And media like CD's and DVD's do not last forever, and the loss of just one of these can mean death to a large number of images.

But it is interesting how easily we can now manage to capture and exchange images of the past, present, and... well ... not future (yet).

Posted by tim on Sun - July 6, 2003 | 11:54 AM | |